Transfer Your Domains to EnCirca

  • Enter your domain and authorization code. The authorization code must be from the registrar that currently manages the domain
  • Click the “Lookup” button. If your domain is able to be transferred, you can “Add to Cart”
  • If your domain is locked or unable to be transferred you will get a message and won’t be able to add to cart.
  • To transfer more than one name, “Add to Cart”. After you see it in your cart, press the “Keep Shopping” button to add another name.
  • You can add as many names as you need to the same order

To transfer to us, you will need to do two things at your current registrar
(the registrar you are transferring from):

  1. Unlock your domain
  2. Create an “authorization code” – also called auth code, secret word, or domain secret

Your current registrar should be able to assist you with these tasks.

After you complete the above steps, you may initiate your transfer to us by adding the information into the boxes above.

If you have more than 5 names to add, you may want to use our Bulk Transfer option.

More Information