Hosting Services from EnCirca

Encirca has a variety of hosting options for you, depending on the space and security needed for your domains.

  • Standard shared hosting is available for general domains (.com, .net, .health, etc.) that need basic websites.
  • Advanced VPS hosting is a requirement for those domains that need extra security (.bank, .insurance, .creditunion).
  • Email Hosting  is available for customers who want an email-only solution
  • Secure Forwarding is a way to securely redirect your newly purchased domain name to your current website

Please be aware that you may have to create a new Encirca account to order these hosting packages.

Contact if you have any questions.


Advanced VPS Hosting

  • VPS Hosting with secure settings
  • For .bank, .insurance and other secure TLDs
  • Ability to add content via ftp or control panel
  • Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages
  • Email included in packages

Standard Shared Hosting

  • General Domain Hosting
  • All plans include Easy Website Builder
  • Includes website starter for basic webpages
  • Ability to add content via ftp or control panel
  • Business class websites also available
  • Email included in packages

Easy Sitebuilder Package

  • No coding needed
  • Multiple hosting options available
  • 200+ templates included
  • Email and webforwarding available
  • E-commerce options
  • Email included

Email Only

  • Setup your email boxes using your own domain name

  • 1, 3, 10 and 100 email packages

  • IMAP and spam filtering standard

Secure Forwarding

  • A quick and affordable way to activate .BANK and .INSURANCE domain names before a full-scale website migration is achieved.
  • Fully compliant with the .BANK and .INSURANCE security requirements to redirect your .BANK or .INSURANCE domain name to your .COM or current website.


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