Registry Consulting Services from EnCirca

EnCirca collaborates with Registries to deliver a rich end-user experience for their target registrants, including turnkey Registration and validation platforms for restricted TLDs.

  • MicroSites for a single TLD

    We understand that Registries do not want their registrants distracted with cross-selling of other extensions or up-selling of inappropriate services.

    We also work closely with trade associations with building co-branded registration portals for their members.

  • DotBrand and DotIndustry Registrar and Validation Solutions
    EnCirca's architecture is cloud-based and has already proven to meet the most demanding Registry scenarios.

    Do you want to build your own custom client? EnCirca has a robust API for building customized registration portals for single-registrant TLDs.

    EnCirca also has an innovative suite of "Plug-and-Play" widgets that allow maximum flexibility in Registry storefronts without requiring knowledge of EPP.

    Contact us for a demo.

  • ICANN Registrar Accreditation

    EnCirca can help you complete the ICANN Application process for Registrar Accreditation and can then provide a complete turnkey solution for your Registrar.

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