EnCirca Security Locks for Maximum Domain Name Security

Security Locks give you enhanced security for your domain names. These locks secure your domain name data from unauthorized updates, protecting you from any fraudulent activity or any human error that could shut down your website and harm your brand and customers.

As more employees are working from home, hackers are viewing this as their window of opportunity. Working from home creates vulnerabilities that could lead to the hijacking of your website and the theft of your sensitive data. Now is a good time to take preemptive measures to stop any chance of it happening to you. Security Locks are the most effective way to prevent anyone from tampering with your website.

Security Locks improve your ranking for cyber-security assessments.

  • Stop any change of ownership to your domain name without authorized permission
  • Stop deletion of your domain names without authorized permission
  • Stop any changing of your hosting setup without authorized permission

Security locks are the most effective way to prevent anyone from tampering with your website. While we are all in this unprecedented situation, preventing anyone from tampering with your website is essential to keeping your business trusted and secure.

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