Web3 Brand Protection Services

Web3 Brand Protection Services

Web3 for Trademark Owners

Web3 or Blockchain brand protection services from EnCirca include registration, custody, and integration services for decentralized or NFT domain names. This include both top-level domains (TLD) and second-level domains (SLD). None of these decentralized domains have the approval or regulatory oversight of ICANN and operate on alternative roots.

Considerations a brand owner should consider are: the brand’s blockchain/NFT/Metaverse strategies and whether a particular alternative root has taken steps to protect trademark rights or is prone to cybersquatting behavior.

There are several alternative roots supporting decentralized domain names. EnCirca recommends focusing on those gaining market traction including:

  • Handshake Naming Service (Handshake blockchain) – over 3 million TLDs
  • Ethereum Naming Service’ .ETH TLD (Ethereum blockchain) – 600,000 SLDs
  • Unstoppable Domains’ 9 TLDs (Polygon blockchain) – 2 million SLDs

  • Impervious Domains’ over 30 TLDs (.ETH/Handshake hybrid)
  • Top Level NFT Domains

    EnCirca maintains blockchain nodes and multi-sig hot and cold wallets to streamline acquisition, custody services and crypto-currency payments.

    Handshake is the leading blockchain for top-level domains, although there are others, including NexBloc, Butterfly and Decentraweb. The best option could vary based on a client’s blockchain strategy.

    The process to acquire a NFT top-level domain, such as on Handshake is based on the availability of the desired string.

    • If the string is available, then the process is to initiate a Vickrey-style auction
    • If string is reserved for rights owners, then the process is to initiate a claims process for the string. Reserved strings are either existing ICANN TLDs or the top 100,000 websites. Claiming reserved Handshake strings will generate “reward’ handshake tokens that can be applied towards annual custodian fees.
    • If the desired string is already registered, then the recommended option is to make an offer. Current registrants are often anonymous and may remain so throughout the transaction

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