DNS Services

DNS Services

Standard DNS

Every domain comes with standard DNS for free. Add and update your TXT, A, CNAME records and more to publish your site and email. In order to add DNS to your domain:

  • Log in to your account at https://manage20.encirca.com and go to the "Manage Domains" page
  • Next to your domain, click on the “Manage DNS” link.
  • If this is your first time using EnCirca's DNS, you will be prompted to "Activate DNS". You must agree that your domain nameservers will be updated to standard1.encirca.net and standard2.encirca.net.
  • Once your DNS has been activated (it may take up to an hour), you can then add records by clicking on the Manage DNS link again or going directly to your DNS Manager

Secure DNS

EnCirca’s new DNS service is ISO 27001-certified, providing the ‘Carrier-Grade’ technical stability, fast performance and high-availability demanded by security-conscious organizations.

Our highly redundant and scalable Anycast network protects against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. The service also provides enhanced security tools to help companies fight phishing and other email-related fraud.

SecureDNS pricing is $240/year. (We also support domains not managed at EnCirca for $360/year.)

EnCirca SecureDNS technology includes:

  • Secure web forwarding
  • Anycast network
  • DDoS-resistant
  • 18 Global DNS sites, covering every major continent
  • Simplified on-boarding
  • ISO27001
  • Numerous redundancy measures
  • Services delivered over IPV4 &IPV6

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Secure Forwarding

An innovative service that will allow you to forward or redirect from your domain names securely.

Note: If you currently have Secure DNS, you don't need to purchase Secure Forwarding.

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Secondary DNS

Transfer your domain’s zone files automatically onto a second set of nameservers The benefits of secondary DNS include:

  • An extra network, running simultaneously with your primary, for extra speed and stability
  • Updating your primary DNS automatically updates the secondary DNS servers
  • Load balancing traffic between DNS providers for heavy loads
  • No single point of failure for DNS
  • Can be used with DNSSEC-signed zones

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Consider consolidating all of your domains

Is your domain at another Registrar? No problem. You can consolidate all of your domains with EnCirca's Secure DNS service regardless of the Registrar you're using. Ask us about volume pricing.

Encirca is a full-service registrar.

We support your domain needs from start to finish.

A Simplified Website Builder
Anyone can have a professional online presence. Select from a multitude of designs with customization, and use it with everyone of our hosting options.
Cutting Edge Security
Secure your newly designed website with a variety of web hosting options. Whether you want general or advanced hosting, you can find the best domain that aligns with your industry.
SSL Certificates For Your Business
Geotrust and Comodo certificates give you expansive protection for your domains. Install an SSL certificate that is right for your business and provides complete security.

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