.PHARMACY Registration

  • $1,125 – $750 (Special 29% Discount)
  • This discount is only for the first year of new registrations. Additional years and renewals are $1,125 per year.
  • You will need to submit a token from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to register your domain.  See details below in “Process”


.Pharmacy is a secure and trustworthy top-level domain where customers around the globe can be sure the medications and information they obtain online are authentic and safe. Those interested in registering a .PHARMACY domain must first submit an application to NABP as all registrants within the .PHARMACY gTLD are vetted prior to registration to confirm that they meet all applicable regulatory standards.

What are the benefits of having a .PHARMACY domain name?

  • Distinguish your online pharmacy, product, or service from thousands of rogue online drug sellers
  • Contribute to the protection of public health by helping consumers find legitimate online pharmacies and pharmacy resources
  • Enhance your brands by becoming part of an elite group

Just by seeing the .PHARMACY domain, your audience will know that your website is legitimate and operating legally and meets standards set by a global coalition that includes International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)and NABP, which has supported the United States boards of pharmacy in their goal of protecting the public health since 1904.


Who may register .PHARMACY domain names?

Pharmacies and pharmacy-related organizations worldwide meeting .PHARMACY program standards are eligible to register for a .PHARMACY domain name. Registrants in this global pharmacy community may include:

  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • Prescription Drug Information and Pharmacy Referral Sites
  • Prescription Drug Related Patient Advocacy and Consumer Education Sites
  • Medical Professionals’ Offices
  • Schools or Colleges of Pharmacy
  • Continuing Pharmacy Education Providers
  • Wholesale Drug Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The Process

Interested in obtaining a .pharmacy domain name for your organization? Here’s the process in three basic steps:

  1. First, apply to NABP for approval to register the domain name(s). This will incur an additional $975 per website review fee.
  2. NABP reviews your application, required supplemental documentation, and proposed website content, and processes fees. The application review process is expected to take 60 business days in most instances. A couple of items of note:
    • Before beginning your application, review the program standards and read the application instructions. Understanding these documents will help ensure a smooth application process.
    • All applicants seeking .pharmacy domains must be able to provide the content of the proposed .pharmacy site either via a site that is currently live or a staged site.
    • NABP is in the process of creating relationships with regulatory agencies outside of the US. If a relationship has not been established in the country where your organization is located, NABP will contact you immediately to discuss how this may delay approval of your application.
  3. If your organization meets the program standards, NABP will grant your organization a secure, electronic token of approval. You will need to submit the token to EnCirca to register the domain.

Note: Because .PHARMACY is a highly-regulated TLD for a highly-regulated industry, the Registry has devised policies for consumer and registrant safety. Please review these standards at the Registry site.

More Info

  • Note: All registrations are first-come, first serve
  • Except where noted, all registrations and renewals are annual
  • NABP Verifications are also annual and are a separate process from domain renewals


NABP Qualified Registration

  • Only for specific domain names designated for NABP member boards of pharmacy and regulatory agencies.
  • $0 for 5-year registration
  • Approved NABP qualified member boards will receive an approval token from NABP to register.

General Availability

  • Special: $750 for 1 year, new registrations
  • Regular registration and renewal: $1,125 for 1 year
  • Any member of the pharmacy community may submit an application to NABP. Approved applicants will receive a token(s) and then may register.

Resource Center

  • Approval tokens expire within 60 days of receipt. If the tokens are not used within 60 days, the approved domain name will return to the pool of available domain names.
  • Because .PHARMACY is a highly-regulated TLD for a highly-regulated industry, the Registry has devised policies for consumer and registrant safety. Please review these standards at the Registry site.
  • NABP Verifications are done annually and are a separate process from domain renewals. NABP Verifications may not correspond to the date for your domain renewal. Please respond to emails from the .pharmacy registry (@nabp.pharmacy). Failure to complete NABP annual verification may result in your domain being deleted.



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