AdultBlock Program

AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ represents a new standard in domain name blocking. It lets brand owners block the registration of terms registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse and .XXX Sunrise B holders throughout the entirety of the Adult related Top Level Domain (TLD) portfolio (.adult, .porn, .sex, .xxx) and is provided through two unique product offerings, AdultBlock and AdultBlock+.  

AdultBlock Application

  • The AdultBlock service ensures the registered term will be blocked in all four TLDs and automatically block any dropped names irrespective of the price of the domain name.
  • Matching Sunrise B .xxx domain name or SMD file required
  • Only available for 1 domain name
  • 1,3,5,10 year increments only
  • Already registered names and restricted names cannot be blocked until they are released

AdultBlock Plus Application

  • The AdultBlock+ service goes even further with all the protections of the AdultBlock coupled with the ability to block all look-alike variations that appear confusingly similar to the trademarked term.
  • You must have registered for a Sunrise B xxx domain or you must provide an SMD file from the Trademark Clearinghouse
  • Includes all labels in the SMD and automatic variants
  • 1,3,5,10 year increments only
  • Already registered names and restricted names cannot be blocked until they are released





  Block the label across all four TLDs (.XXX, .ADULT, .PORN and .SEX)
  Premium domain name blocking
  Automatic inclusion of newly available names
  Variant label coverage  
  Unicode variant blocking including homoglyphs & IDNs  
  Labels covered 1 Unlimited
  Registration periods (years) 1, 3, 5, 10 1, 3, 5, 10



  • MAIN LABEL BLOCK – Block trademark labels across all four of our adult-themed TLDs (.XXX, .ADULT, .PORN and .SEX).
  • PREMIUM DOMAIN BLOCK – AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ both block premium domain names at no extra cost.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION – AdultBlock+ includes unlimited blocking of all the additional labels generated by the TMCH and included in the Signed Mark Data file.
  • DOMAIN TRACK AND BLOCK – The service automatically blocks domains protected by AdultBlock and AdultBlock+. Plus, if any registered names become available they will automatically be blocked.
  • FAVORABLE RETURNS – AdultBlock users enjoy considerable savings when compared to the cost of defensively registering the names. The AdultBlock+ receive significantly more savings when considering the value of blocking all look-alike variations.
  • BRAND EXPERIENCE – AdultBlock+ preserves the investment and value of your organization’s online presence by shielding users from abusive encounters with your brand.