.ZIL Blockchain Name Trademark and Sunrise Application

EnCirca has been selected as the exclusive validation agent for the .ZIL Trademark Sunrise Period!

Step 1 - Trademark Validation

Until August 31, 2019

  • Eligible trademarks: All registered and common law marks
  • Eligible domains: All variants that are confusingly similar to trademark
  • Trademark validation may take up to 2 days
  • You will receive a validation token to use for Step 2 – Sunrise Application


Step 2 - Sunrise Application

Until August 31, 2019


  • Sunrise registration is an end-date registration
  • Some names may be premium or reserved
  • There is a $30 non-refundable Sunrise Application fee
  • Multiple applications for the same name by different registrants will result in an auction by the registry


The .ZIL TLD  launched parallel Sunrise and a Pioneer programs in January, 2019 and report having received over 60,000 applications.  It is built on top of the Zilliqa Blockchain.

The ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse for protecting exact matches of a registered trademark does not apply for the .ZIL Sunrise period.  Instead, .ZIL will recognize more expansive rights, including common law trademarks.

In addition, since there are no Rights Protection Mechanisms, such as Whois, UDRP or URS, the .ZIL Sunrise Period will allow verified trademark owners to register variants of their trademark that are confusingly similar to their trademark or prone to trademark abuse.

Proof of Rights for Sunrise

The proof of rights in a trademark may be demonstrated by:

  • Registered trademark in any jurisdiction
  • Pending or applied-for trademark in any jurisdiction
  • Common law trademarks

Domain Names Eligible for Sunrise

The Trademark Owner may apply for any .ZIL domain name that it feels may be confusing or similar to its trademark string.  Examples include but are not limited to the following: exact matches, contained in any strings, phonetically equivalent, misspellings and any abbreviations.

Trademark Info

  • Trademark validation fee: $150
  • Be aware that trademark validation does not guarantee that you will receive the domain you’ve applied for

Sunrise Info

  • If more than one registrant applies for a name, an auction may be conducted by the .ZIL Registry

Registration Pricing

  • Sunrise fee: $30 non refundable
  • Standard: $30
  • 3-character domains: $500
  • Generic domains: $1000
  • There is an annual custodian fee of $30 for all domains regardless of length
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