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  • Publishers – Blogs, business journals, news websites. Viewnow is the call to action that brings visitors looking to engage with your content.
  • Product Showcases – Not all products are made equal. You know you have an amazing product and you need a url that speaks to users and gets them engaged with your product showcase.
  • Property Developments – Create pages to show case your latest property development projects or direct prospects to your real estate portfolio.
  • Portfolios – Calling all artists, photographers and visionaries. Build your perfect portfolio website with a blockchain domain that flatters your artistic works.
  • Streaming Professionals – Drive viewers to your video content with a blockchain domain that advertises your video content alone and not the entire video hosting platform. Say goodbye to sharing the full url of your platform thanks to .ViewNow by setting your domain to resolve to your channel url or social media page.
  • Streaming Platforms – Give your streaming service the benefit of a .viewnow domain name that prompts visitors to become viewers of streaming service using a call to action.
  • Movie & TV Trailers – Building a site for a movie or tv trailer? Promote your production more easily with a synergetic .ViewNow domain name that drives viewers from press articles to your promotional website.
  • Live Entertainment – For events management companies, entertainers and sports industry professionals. Get the right domain to promote your live event.

Trademark Eligibility

A trademark holder can apply for their corresponding domain name, and the domain name must be an exact match. The trademark holder does not need to provide evidence upon initial registration, but they may be asked to provide evidence in the future if their claims come into suspect or if another trademark holder lays claim to the same name. If they cannot prove that they own a valid registered mark for their domain name then the name may be confiscated from them.

The following are considered valid registered marks:

  • A registered trademark is a nationally or regionally (i.e. multi-nationally) registered mark on the principal or primary register in the mark’s jurisdiction.
  • The trademark must have national effect and be registered at the time it is submitted for verification.

The following are not considered valid registered marks:

  • Trademark applications
  • Trademarks registered by a city, state, province, or sub-national region
  • International trademark applications made via the Madrid system unless the underlying basic trademark registration has national effect
  • Registered marks that were subject to successful invalidation, cancellation, opposition, or rectification proceedings

Sunrise Info

  • Sunrise Registration: $45.00
  • A trademark holder can apply for their corresponding domain name, and the domain name must be an exact match.

More Info


  • Regular Registration: $15.00
  • Regular Renewal: $30.00
  • Some domains may be premium or reserved
  • Please be aware that this is an experimental domain registration process.
  • These domains don’t resolve to regular DNS and won’t show up on the regular web. Click here to see how to use NextDNS to access your names.
  • This registration is not used to protect brand names.

Handshake is an experimental peer-to-peer root DNS

Handshake is a proof-of-work protocol like Bitcoin, except unlike Bitcoin where you only use the coins as money, Handshake coins (HNS) are also used to register names on the Handshake blockchain. Handshake names are top-level domain names (.com, .net, .org) but unlike traditional domain names that you can only rent, you truly own your Handshake names forever, which no one can take from you nor prevent others from accessing. And rather than being limited to renting from a small number of extensions like .com and .org, you can own and use almost any extension you can think of, including ones with Chinese characters, Russian characters, and even emojis!

These domains do not resolve on regular DNS sites. Use the search engine below to access Handshake names.

For more about Handshake, start here.