EnCirca’s Services

  • Domain name registrations and renewals

    EnCirca is a Domain Name Registrar offering new registrations, renewals, term extensions and transfers. We are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and generic (gtld) and country-code (cctld) registries. Find your domain now.

  • Whois Privacy

    EnCirca’s Whois Privacy service allows you to protect your personal contacts and domain names from hijacking. One fixed annual fee will protect all of the domains in your user account. Buy your Whois Privacy today.


Add On Services

    • Hosting Services

      Get your domain name up and running with email and website hosting packages

      • Secure and regular hosting options
        If you already have a domain name, and you want to use your domain as your personal or business website, you’ve come to the right page. Simply start by ordering a web hosting plan that suits your needs. Our Secure Web Hosting has been customized to fully support the security requirements of .BANK, .INSURANCE and other TLD hosting security parameters.
      • Email-only packages
        If you already have a domain name, and you want to use your domain for email-only, you’ve come to the right place. Start by ordering a email hosting plan that suits your needs.
      • Secure your site with SSL
        Getting your domain protected means purchasing and installing an SSL Certificate. We offer Geotrust and Symantec certificates to protect your domains.
    • Domain Name Service (DNS) Management

      EnCirca’s Nameservers are geographically distributed to ensure maximum availability. We offer complete DNS Management Services at no extra charge, including:

      • Parking Page
      • E-mail Forwarding
      • Web URL Forwarding, including cloaking
    • Secure Domain Name Service (DNS) Management

      • Secure Forwarding

        EnCirca has created an innovative Secure Forwarding service that will now allow you to forward, or redirect from your domain names securely. Our Secure Forwarding is a quick and affordable way to securely activate domain names before a full-scale website migration is achieved.

      • Total DNS Management (MX, A, CNAME records)
        EnCirca’s new DNS service is ISO 27001-certified and provides the “Carrier-Grade” technical stability, performance and high-availability demanded by security-conscious organizations today. A highly redundant and scalable Anycast network helps fight against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. The service also includes enhanced security tools to help companies fight phishing and other email-related fraud.
    • DMARC Email Security

      • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is a requirement that involves the email addresses used by a customer to send out email. DMARC is a way to determine whether or not a given message is legitimately from the sender, and what to do if it isn’t.
      • This makes it easier to identify spam and phishing messages, and keep them out of customers’ inboxes.
      • DMARC provides domain-owners with control, and the ability to block domain-based spoofing.  Used correctly, DMARC also provides domain-owners with intelligence, by giving domain owners aggregate and forensic data on emails.

    • Sitesee Directory
      • SiteSee is a new way to drive traffic and engagement to your website by sharing geo-tagged multi-media content.
      • SiteSee delivers directory listings for two types of customers:
        1. organizations with existing directories who want to add geo-mapping capablities to make their offerings unique, and
        2. organizations who want to join a targeted member directory that lets them improve their site traffic.

Reseller Services

We offer wholesale pricing and invoice payment for authorized Resellers. We also offer programmable interfaces for Reseller partners based on XML protocols.

We offer a robust Reseller control panel that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The panel allows resellers to:

      • Create customer accounts
      • Delete registrations
      • Update customer details, such as password, email address and telephone number
      • Update and create the contacts for a domain name
      • Lock/Unlock a domain for transfers
      • Reset a domain’s authorization code
      • Update and create the nameservers for a domain name
      • Request a Registrar Transfer
      • Request an Owner Transfer
      • Request an Account Move

Contact support for more information.