Secure Web and Email Hosting

Our Secure Web Hosting has been customized to fully support the security requirements of .BANK, .INSURANCE and other TLD hosting security parameters.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting keeps your website separate, with its own partitioned server area, meaning that you are running your very own operating system (Linux), storage space, and RAM to keep your sites performance stable and reliable, similar to Dedicated Hosting.

Email can be enabled for all packages. However, email storage will take away from the hosting storage amount.

The options below are Linux only. EnCirca is not responsible for monitoring or managing your website. Tools on the server and control panel can be configured to send alerts and backup your data.  


When we set up your hosting, we provide:

  • Access to the Plesk control panel for your VPS, including root access to your individual server
  • Updated PHP and MySQL setup and all software updates
  • After you install an SSL, and redirect IP to your domain, .BANK and .INSURANCE security will be put in place
  • Updates to your site are DIY. Help articles are provided through the Plesk control panel.
  • Any additional customization of your hosting package will be an additional cost.

Setting up hosting with our specific security settings may take a few days to process.