Prevent your website from going down

Increase your website’s uptime and protect your website from DDoS attacks with Secondary DNS


Reliable. Secure. Dependable

Two is better than one.  Strengthen your website and increase its performance with EnCirca’s Secondary DNS.

  • Increased redundancy in the event of an outage

  • A dual DDoS protection strategy to defeat attackers

  • Ability to “hide” DNS systems from direct internet exposure

  • A stronger security posture for your DNS strategy

Your company’s website and online presence should not solely depend on just one DNS service.  Doing so creates a single point of failure and paints a target on your back for bad actors.

The single most important thing that organizations can do to protect their authoritative DNS service is to implement both a primary and secondary DNS solution.

Mitigate your risk by splitting your online presence between multiple DNS services to protect your websites, applications, and other online services from going down

With Secondary DNS you can prevent high traffic overloads and irritating disruptions, improve your website’s performance, and create faster load times, all while decreasing your vulnerability.

Protect Your Data and Your Clients

In the event of an attack on your primary DNS, Secondary DNS ensures you and your clients remain unaffected.

Avoid Frustration

Secondary DNS shares incoming traffic with your primary DNS, preventing your website from becoming overloaded.

No More Missed Opportunities

With Secondary DNS your business never stops, even when your primary DNS suffers a disruption.

How it Works

With Secondary DNS your website now uses two separate DNS providers. This creates redundancy and resiliency. If your website suffers a disruption of service or becomes overloaded due to high traffic, Secondary DNS boosts your bandwith and shares the burden.


Trust and Confidence

Your reputation matters. Secondary DNS shares incoming taffic with your primary DNS, preventing your website from becoming overloaded.  This protects your website from annoying disruptions and helps prevent high traffic slowdowns. With a smooth and consistent website potential customers are more likely to use your services.

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