• Spread betting will be a trusted and credible TLD:
  • Domain registration is limited to those who meet the eligibility requirements as laid out in the Spreadbetting Eligibility Policy.
  • Every Registrant must ensure that use of the domain name complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Every Registrant must agree and adhere to an Acceptable Use Policy.
What is Spreadbetting?

Offering a flexible alternative to conventional trading, financial spread betting is a way of speculating on movements in financial markets without actually having to buy or sell the underlying asset.

Spread bettors stake a certain amount of money per point of movement so that the more the market moves in their favour, the greater their profit, and the more it moves against them the bigger their loss.

They can choose from thousands of underlying markets - including shares, stock indices, forex and commodities - and because they never own the asset in question, they can just as easily back the price to fall (known as shorting, or going short) as rise (going long)

TLD Eligibility Policy

Who is qualified for a domain name in the .spreadbetting TLD?

Registrants must meet the following requirements, and must submit this information during the validation process:

  • Be an entity holding one or more regulatory permissions granted by the UK Financial Conduct Authority in respect of the spread betting space.
  • Be an entity holding one or more regulatory permissions granted by the Central Bank of Ireland in respect of the spread betting space.

Applicants must continue to meet the TLD eligibility requirements for continued registration and renewal of the domain name.

Required information

  • Authorisation number provided by a financial regulator, as relevant to the jurisdiction it operates.
  • Identify the regulatory permissions that it holds, such as: Introducing, Advising, Counterparty to client trades, Discretionary Management, Dealings as an Agent, Other

Any appointed representative or Tied Agent must provide relevant information in order to identify themselves as such.

Validation Policy

Due to this TLD being restricted, there will be a Validation process incorporated into the registration process. Validation of the information submitted by the domain name applicant will be carried out by a third party, Valideus, before a domain name is granted.

  • Validation happens during the 30 day pending create phase.
  • The domain name applicant (Registrant) will be contacted directly by Valideus, having received information from the Registry, and will be asked to log on to a portal to supply additional information to determine eligibility for the domain name.
  • It is crucial that a domain name applicant (Registrant) takes prompt action, as instructed by the Valideus, in order to pass through the validation process and secure the domain name within the available timeframe (30 days)