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Scotland and the Scots are globally recognised for many things from being great inventors to producers of quality goods; for our friendly community and traditional culture.

It is now possible for the Scottish community to identify itself on-line for the first time, by using a web address that ends in .SCOT. This will open up new possibilities not just for Scottish business, but for arts, music and language too. Previously, companies with a name in Gaelic had to use the Anglicised version of their name but now .SCOT names can handle all the six languages and dialects of Scotland.

The new .SCOT domain is a community domain, so we welcome applications from the Scottish Diaspora around the world, as well as everyone who lives or works in Scotland.

.SCOT Restrictions

.SCOT domains are for the use of the Scots community of interest online, wherever they are in the world.

The Scots community of interest is made up of all individuals and organisations whose online activities:

  • Contribute to Scottish social, cultural, business or academic life
  • Utilise the spoken and visual languages of Scotland
  • Explore Scottish heritage
  • Have made Scotland their home


More Info on Launch Phases

General Availability

  • $75 per year
  • First come, first served
  • Period - 1-10 years