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Freshen up your web presence with a .ORGANIC domain!

If you are organic, you know that "organic" isn't a buzzword; it's a commitment, a culture and a multi-billion dollar industry. However, with so many pretenders out there, it can be hard for consumers to differentiate the real organic community from buzzwords like "natural", "healthy" and "green".

So how can consumers quickly find trusted providers of "organic"?

With the new .ORGANIC domain, consumers will be able to quickly identify verified and reliable participants in the organic community. By establishing your site, or a section of your site, as .ORGANIC, you are setting yourself apart as a reputable source or authority to potential consumers and the public at large.

Unlike .COM, .ORGANIC is not for everyone -- applicants must present their eligibility credentials for verification in order to be awarded an address in this trusted designation.

Who may be eligible for a .ORGANIC site?

  • Organic producers, farmers, distributors and the like
  • Organic textile and skincare providers
  • Organic restaurants and venues
  • Certifiers in the organic community
  • Publications, journalists and bloggers catering to the organic community and industry
  • Non-profit, not-for-profit and trade associations related in the organic field
  • Read the eligibility rules here.

.ORGANIC: consumer trust in a glance. Become a reliable source in the industry now.

More Info on Launch Phases General Availability

  • $75 per year
  • September 15
  • First come, first served
  • Period - 1-10 years
  • Eligibility - open

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