About .LAW and .ABOGADO

.law and .abogado are new restricted top-level domains (TLDs) that aim to promote trust in the professional legal community by creating exclusive online spaces in which only lawyers that are regulated and licensed to practice law can present themselves in a distinctive and memorable manner.

What makes .law and .abogado unique?

.law and .abogado will offer domain names only to Qualified Lawyers who satisfy the eligibility criteria. The verification process will enhance the integrity of the .law and .abogado top-level domains and help ensure that internet users have confidence that a .law or .abogado registrant is an appropriately-regulated and licensed legal professional.

Verification Information

Registration is not automatic. There is a verification process that must be completed and passed before registration is allocated.

To expedite the verification process for .law/.abogado domain name registrations, please review following list when registering your domain:

  • Applicant name should be First Name and Last Name.
    Not the organization/company name, which is incorrect (e.g. should be John Smith and not Domain Administrator 123Company)
  • Applicant name should match the the name associated with the accreditation number
    (e.g. the applicant's name is John Smith, the accreditation number should be for John Smith not Joan Day)
  • Applicant should input the accreditation organization/body name
    (e.g. The State Bar of California) and not their name.
  • Applicant should double check the accreditation year and accreditation number
    (e.g. 1993 and 938292)

General Availability

  • Abogado - $45 per year
  • Law - $105 per year
  • 1-10 year registrations