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Why .HOST?

The preferred domain extension for web hosts, ASPs, ISVs, cloud service providers, data centers and other entities within the web hosting industry.

  • Shorter, more memorable names
    Often hosting companies need to append the word 'Host' or 'Hosting' to the domain / brand name. A domain name with the extension '.host' will alleviate the need to do so, allowing hosting companies to have a shorter, more memorable internet address.

  • Increased search efficiency
    Search is playing an increasingly important role in sourcing prospective leads. Hosting related keywords have consistently ranked amongst the top ten most expensive. As of March 2012, Google Adwords statistics show that 7.5mn monthly global searches contain the keyword 'host'. A .host domain name will improve organic efficiency to rank higher.

  • Instant recognition
    When looking to making a hosting purchase, customers will recognize addresses ending with .host, as the one where they are more likely to find what they are looking for. Through market development and consumer awareness building campaigns, our aim is to ensure that .host soon becomes the single identifiable address for hosting and related services.

  • Better branding
    A .host domain name will help hosters communicate a level of focus and specialization. It is a highly visible call-out to your audience, that more than a reseller, service provider, or web designer, you are a web hosting company.

  • Better categorization
    All types of businesses today have their online presence in the .com and .net namespaces. The global hosting industry is a niche but a swiftly growing industry, with annual turnovers of over $40bn. As one of the most internet-dependent industries in existence, this niche well deserves its own namespace on the Internet.

  • Value added benefits
    Hosting companies with their primary website on .host, can expect several value added benefits which include; possible lead generation directory listings, exclusive access to highly relevant offers and privileged access to industry events.

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General Availability
  • $100 per year
  • First come, first served
  • Period - 1-10 years