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What is .ARCHI?

.ARCHI is the new domain space reserved exclusively for architects and their organizations.

By virtue of their profession, architects are responsible for the life of people, along with numerous responsibilities related to their work. This profession is so important that almost every country around the world has implemented specific laws regulating architect studies, practices and responsibilities. The use of the term architect is protected and regulated so as not to confuse the public.

The profession is organized in each country by associations or boards so as to validate diplomas and the right to practice as an architect. But the current architect space on Internet is inconsistent with the organization of the profession in the real world. .ARCHI collaborates with the architecture community intending to enforce architecture legislations. As a secure, controlled and industry-specific domain space, .ARCHI will become the most trusted source when searching for information online related to architecture.

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By registering this domain name, you certify that the registrant of this domain is an individual professional architect (or an architecture firm) registered as a member of a national architects association authorized by the registry operator, or an architecture-related organization authorized by the registry operator.


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  • General Availability: June 16, 2014
  • Price - $115 for 1 year