.PLACE offers a mechanism through which owners of discrete ‘places’ can indicate the “rules of the road” for geospatial applications.

.PLACE Activation

.PLACE registrations will not be functional unless and until you have onboarded with GeoNetwork (see details below).However, the GeoNetwork is scheduled to be implemented later this year. Once the GeoNetwork is fully functional, you will receive instructions on how to sign up to activate your domain.

Eligibility Requirements

.PLACE registration eligibility requirements now include a geospatial validation component, part of a new, innovative geofencing service, that will launch later this year. .PLACE registrations made after July 30, 2018, will not be functional unless and until you have onboarded with GeoNetwork.

In order to ensure that .PLACE registrations are only used in conjunction with geofencing services, new .PLACE domain name registrations MUST delegate to the following GeoNetwork DNS hosts.
1. ns1.geonetwork.place
2. ns2.geonetwork.place
3. ns3.geonetwork.place
Any attempt to register a new .PLACE domain name without these delegations, or to update it to use any other DNS host, will result in a failure. This includes any attempt to remove hosts from the domain.

Your domain registration email will contain details about creating a GeoNetwork account to manage your domains

About GeoNetwork

The GeoNetwork platform consists of geospatial boundaries and rules of space, used by individual property owners, businesses, local municipalities, and federal agencies. Owners or regulators of space can register a .PLACE domain name (GeoDomain) for use in the GeoNetwork service. Examples of GeoDomains: Tiburon.place for a small town, BuckeyeRoadhouse.place for a local restaurant or AdamKhan.place for an individual or commercial address. In the GeoNetwork service, owners of their .PLACE domain name can then assign rules and permissions (also called geofences, or SmartFences) for applications and devices to follow.


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