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CREATE A BOT AND REGISTER HERE Registration Regular registration and renewals are $70 per year and some registrations are premium or reserved For Brand Owners Need to protect your trademarks in Amazon’s .BOT but don’t have a botkit? Find out how we can help!...

.BOT Namescon Check

Welcome Namescon Winners! You will be able to register your winning domain name here You will need to enter a valid code during checkout This code will bring the cost down to $0 Renewals will be $70 as long as you renew at EnCirca Transferring your domain name will...

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.BOT Registration Amazon’s .BOT domain name Registry is part of Amazon’s strategy to create a discovery platform of verified and trusted artificial intelligence applications.   All .BOT domain names must first pass an eligibility check by Amazon. Currently, anyone who...


.BOT Frequently Asked Questions Chatbot and Botkit Overview Verification with Botkits Step by Step with Video Tutorials BOT Domain Registration Info Chatbot and Botkit Overview   What is a chatbot? A chatbot (or bot) is a conversational software program designed...
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