Update Whois Information

Each domain has four Whois roles:

  • Registrant - this is owner of the domain
  • Admin - this is the entity empowered to interact with EnCirca
  • Technical - this is the entity providing the domain's nameservers
  • Billing. - this is the entity who pays for the domain
By default, EnCirca will list you as the Registrant and EnCirca will serve the other three roles(*) You may change these settings at any time.

  • Note: You can only update a Whois contact handle that is owned by your account. Do not try to change the default EnCirca Whois contact called "EnCirca"

  • To update a Whois contact owned by your account.

    • First list the Whois Contact handles owned by your account by selecting "Contacts-list contacts"
    • Select the link for the Whois Contact handle you wish to change
    • Make your updates and select "continue"
    • Select "confirm" to finalize your changes

  • To create a new contact.

    • Add a new contact (Contacts-Add Contact)
    • Complete the Contact form. You can name the contact anything you want.
    • Select "continue" and "confirm to save your new contact handle.
    • Now go to "Domains-List Domains". Select the domain you want to use with the new contact handle. Add the new contact handle to the domain and save the changes.

    * Whois roles for ProForwarding domains will list EnCirca as the Registrant and the Customer as the Admin, Technical and Billing Whois contacts.