Why .Motorcycles?

The introduction of the .Motorcycles domain space enables dealers, OEMs, and businesses to secure a meaningful, memorable online identity that demonstrates your expertise and the unique products and services you offer to the powersports industry.

Use of the .Motorcycles gTLD will be exclusively available to verified businesses that provide beneficial products, services or information to the motorcycle industry. This means that as consumers do their motorcycle related research and execute transactions online, they will be able to trust the verified operators of .motorcycles websites and they will find relevant content on these sites.


To register, renew, or accept the transfer of a .MOTORCYCLES domain name, you must be an individual or a legal entity with a bona-fide nexus to the .MOTORCYCLES sector. This connection means that You as the registrant of the domain name must be able to reasonably demonstrate a link or an interest to the Relevant Sector at the time of registration and throughout the duration of the .MOTORCYCLES domain name registration.  Complete list of requirements and name selection criteria can be found in the registration policy.

Eligible Sectors:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers: A commercial entity that produces motorcycles.
  • Motorcycles Product Manufacturers: A commercial entity that produces products intended specifically for use with motorcycles.
  • Dealers: A commercial entity with inventories of motorcycles for purchase.
  • Distributors: A commercial entity whose primary purpose is to procure inventories from Motorcycle Product Manufacturers for wholesale purchase by dealers.
  • Parts Vendors: A commercial entity that offers OEM and aftermarket components for use in motorcycles.
  • Motorcycle Service Providers: A commercial entity or professional that performs general maintenance or repairs on motorcycles.
  • Insurers: A commercial entity that is licensed to insure motorcycles.
  • Financers: A commercial entity that is licensed to lend monies for purchasing motorcycles.
  • Associations: A group of professionals, firms, and/or individuals organized together for a specific purpose that is focused on motorcycles.
  • Educators: A commercial entity or professional that is accredited, approved, or recognized by a reputable organization to offer courses or produce guidelines for the motorcycling community.
  • Athletes: An individual who participates in sporting motorcycle events sanctioned by an internationally recognized body.
  • Race Teams: A group of individuals who participates in sporting motorcycle events sanctioned by an internationally recognized body.
  • Event Organizers: Commercial or professional entities that arrange or promote sanctioned events related to motorcycles.
  • Media: Commercial or professional entities that publish content specifically intended for the motorcycling community.

There are two noteworthy pieces of information to consider before you choose your .Motorcycles domain name.  Please find complete and detailed information on name selection rules in the registration policy.

  • The name must reflect your company name, trademark, brand, or derivative thereof, related to the Relevant Sector.
  • All names primarily representing a geographic or place name (e.g., Cincinnati, Arizona, VA, Philly, tristate) will be allocated via a Request for Proposal (RFP). However it is possible to use your company name along with location for a domain name.  (e.g., MomsBoston.Motorcycles).

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