What is .LUXE?

The first open, Top-Level Domain created to combine Ethereum blockchain innovation and security with ease-of-use for today’s world – the .luxe standard that “lets you exchange easily” smart contracts, crypto and other blockchained products.

No more unintelligible 40 character hashes – just easy-to-remember .luxe words of your choice.

How does a .luxe name work?

.luxe names run on the DNS like traditional domains for website, email, blog usage.

The only difference…users can also blockchain enable their .luxe names and associate them to their Ethereum based products of choice for additional convenience and functionality:

As a wallet address:

Step one: The customer buys their .luxe name: eg. helen.luxe

Step two: The customer securely associates their name to their existing 40 character wallet address (0x466f6de23…)

Result: the customer can now send and receive tokens into their wallet by simply using their helen.luxe address

As an Internet address for their decentralized app:

Step one: The customer buys their .luxe name: e.g. safestore.luxe

Step two: The customer associates the existing 40 character hash of their decentralized app 0x396bf12efd0a…

Result: the customer now has an easy human readable identifier for their decentralized app that can also resolve through the DNS


In fact, the registrant can associate their .luxe name to whatever they want… smart contracts, secure servers, etc. etc…