What is .LUXE?

The first open, Top-Level Domain created to combine Ethereum blockchain innovation and security with ease-of-use for today’s world – the .luxe standard that “lets you exchange easily” smart contracts, crypto and other blockchained products.

No more unintelligible 40 character hashes – just easy-to-remember .luxe words of your choice.

Manage Your .ETH Association

How does a .luxe name work?

.luxe names run on the DNS like traditional domains for website, email, blog usage.

The only difference…users can also blockchain enable their .luxe names and associate them to their Ethereum based products of choice for additional convenience and functionality:

As a wallet address:

Step one: The customer buys their .luxe name: eg. helen.luxe

Step two: The customer securely associates their name to their existing 40 character wallet address (0x466f6de23…)

Result: the customer can now send and receive tokens into their wallet by simply using their helen.luxe address

As an Internet address for their decentralized app:

Step one: The customer buys their .luxe name: e.g. safestore.luxe

Step two: The customer associates the existing 40 character hash of their decentralized app 0x396bf12efd0a…

Result: the customer now has an easy human readable identifier for their decentralized app that can also resolve through the DNS


In fact, the registrant can associate their .luxe name to whatever they want… smart contracts, secure servers, etc. etc…


What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a public, digital ledger that is decentralized. Ledgers are, just as you guessed, systems that record activities and interests such as ownership of assets – both tangible (houses, vehicles, collectibles) and intangible (stock certificates, agreements, patents). Each time an exchange of assets occurs, it is put inside cryptographic blocks which is connected to the block before and after it, creating an endless chain of data blocks – hence the term, blockchain.

What is cryptocurrency and how is it related to blockchain?

It is simply, digital or virtual cash. Unlike traditional banking systems with a central server recording the balances in each account, cryptocurrencies utilize a decentralized network with every peer in the network having a complete history of all transactions to verify the balance. Before a new transaction is completed, absolute consensus must be given by all parties within the network. Once a transaction is confirmed within the blockchain it is ‘immutable’ meaning it cannot be altered, reversed or tampered with.

Is Ethereum just another Bitcoin?

No, Ethereum is a platform that allows anyone to create other types of tokens and coins along with applications on the blockchain – similar to the Apple App Store™. While Bitcoin is a virtual currency that facilitates the transfer of value, Ethereum is not limited to transferring value but also cultivates the development of other applications and uses of blockchain technology.

How many cryptos use the Ethereum network?

690 of 1,634 coins use Ethereum with a total market cap of $15.3 billion as of June 2018 making it the most used platform today! Although Ethereum is only three years old, it has already taken the world by storm in usage and adoption which is expected to grow even faster with over 800,000 downloads of the Ethereum app developer package. With such rapid acceptance and wide-ranging applications, it’s easy to grasp why Ethereum was our first choice.

Who needs a wallet?

Just like in the physical world, a cryptocurrency wallet stores various currencies so you can send and receive digital coins and check your balance except it’s in an intangible form. Only wallets interact with blockchain so if you want to send digital coins in conducting a transaction you need a wallet. A wallet is simply software that stores public keys which are identifiers (like a bank account that begins with 0x plus 40 characters) and private keys (like 64-character PIN number). .luxe domains can be used with all Ethereum wallets and can be traded with all other tokens that are Ethereum blockchain based. .luxe makes conducting these transactions easier by associating the 42-character, public key identifier to a memorable, user-friendly, .luxe domain name.

Why do I want a wallet with a .luxe domain name?

To make Ethereum transactions easier and instill confidence amongst users that they are actually transacting with the intended party. User-friendly names are of course not limited to wallets, they can be used to identify any digital or physical objects such as services, documents, individuals, companies, etc.

Why should I register my name, business, product or idea in .luxe if I don’t currently have or use Ethereum blockchain?

For a multitude of reasons:

  • For future Ethereum transactions where relevant, user-friendly names will instill confidence with users – is your customer more likely to send money to 0xd36d3a567… or companyname.luxe.
  • As in any new industry, there are always those ‘bad actors’ who try to take advantage of their advanced knowledge by registering your company, celebrity or product names for their advantage. Unfortunately, the crypto industry is no different with a lot of company names, financial institutions, products, places and famous people already registered in .eth.
  • Get it before someone else does. Remember when Gmail was first introduced and you could register smith.gmail but now all you’re left with is bob-$mith_76824.gmail. Same idea but with many more applications that will compound your frustration and disappointment.

Can I use the same name for both my web address and blockchain item?

Of course! .luxe has all of the functionality of a regular domain extension to build a website, setup email, etc. on top of all of the cool, blockchain functionality of possessing tomorrow’s technology today.

How do I associate my .luxe name to my wallet or other Ethereum supported products?

Through one of our ENS enabled registrars (likely the same website where you registered your .luxe domain name) which you can find here.

Do I have to associate my .luxe name to an Ethereum supported product?

You can use it however you wish – website, application, wallet, etc. We love seeing all types of cool innovative sites, if your .luxe site is a gem let us know!

How much will associating my .luxe name to the Ethereum blockchain cost?

It’s free and best of all, it’s simple to do – no technical degrees required!

Won’t names be less secure than the 42-character random hash values?

No. The security of the hash values remains firmly in place and are not compromised with the association of a domain name.

In the big scheme of things, how important is this development?

We think it’s huge which is exactly why we made it so easy – no technical, wizardry skills required! It’s as big as when the Internet first allowed names rather than IP addresses to route traffic around the World Wide Web. As of August 2018, there were already over 41 million Ethereum identifiers with an average daily growth rate of 99,000.

Why .luxe instead of .eth?

Quite simply because it gives you more choice and flexibility. First and foremost .eth is not a top-level domain therefore cannot be used on web browsers (ie. for website addresses, email etc) – it can only be used within the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, only words of seven or greater characters have been permitted to date on .eth, on .luxe you can register word and number combinations of any length from the get-go. We also will accept Chinese characters as well! And finally, through the way we are working with Ethereum and our registrar partners, if you forget your private key for your .luxe name, we have a recovery procedure in place.

I registered a .eth name, how do I get the .luxe version?

We have a special limited registration period just for VIPs like you – from October 9th to Oct 25th, 2018. During this time, you can visit any of our partners to pre-register your existing name before anyone else.

Why have you teamed up with Ethereum and not some other crypto?

Because Ethereum first and foremost is not a crypto….it is a platform that allows users to create their own applications and services on the blockchain – it’s potential uses are endless. Additionally, more and more organizations, individuals and corporate giants in all types of industries are using Ethereum as their blockchain platform. In order to conduct transactions effectively, people need user-friendly names that provide them with the security and confidence they require.

Will I need ‘gas’ ?

No, you do not need gas to buy the name or associate a .luxe name to an Ethereum identifier. However, at times of high gas charges, the association may be delayed to avoid charges. After that you will likely need gas dependent on the transactions you are wanting to do on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is ‘gas’?

Gas is the fee that senders of transactions need to pay to successfully execute a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain – for instance, a smart contract, exchange of coins, etc.

What is the quickest way to enable my .luxe domain name?

Simple, make sure you register your name with a registrar that is already enabled to ensure a quick pairing with immediate usage.

What wallet providers and apps already support .luxe?

Mobile wallets: ImToken, Cipher, Leth, Status Jaxx, Parity, Trust, Coinomi Desktop wallets: Metamask, My Ether Wallet, My Crypto, Mist, Exodus.

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