The .LLC TLD will offer the estimated 4,000,000 Limited Liability Companies (or LLCs) worldwide and future owner-members of new LLCs domain names that closely match their firms’ legal names better than today’s alternatives. This will allow LLC companies to experience immediate and new, never-before-possible economic, branding and virtual interactive benefits..


.LLC Government Advisory Committee Safeguards

  1. Registrants must comply with all applicable laws, including those that relate to privacy, data collection, consumer protection (including in relation to misleading and deceptive conduct), fair lending, debt collection, organic farming, disclosure of data, and financial disclosures.
  2. Registrants at the time of registration must comply with all applicable laws.
  3. Registrants who collect and maintain sensitive health and financial data implement reasonable and appropriate security
    measures commensurate with the offering of those services, as defined by applicable law.
  4. The .LLC Registry will proactively create a clear pathway for the creation of a working relationship with the relevant regulatory or industry self-regulatory bodies by publicizing a point of contact and inviting such bodies to establish a channel of communication, including for the purpose of facilitating the development of a strategy to mitigate the risks of fraudulent and other illegal activities.
  5. Registrants must provide administrative contact information, which must be kept up-to-date, for the notification of complaints or reports of registration abuse, as well as the contact details of the relevant regulatory, or industry selfregulatory, bodies in their main place of business.
  6. Registrant represents that they possess any necessary authorizations, charters, licenses and/or other related credentials for participation in the sector associated with .LLC
  7. If the Registry receives a complaint expressing doubt with regard to the authenticity of licenses or credentials, the Registry will attempt to consult with relevant national supervisory authorities, or their equivalents regarding the authenticity.
  8. Registrants are required to report any material changes to the validity of the Registrants’ authorizations, charters, licenses and/or other related credentials for participation in the sector associated with the Registry TLD string in order to ensure they continue to conform to appropriate regulations and licensing requirements and generally conduct their activities in the interests of the consumers they serve.