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  • .Jobs is a legacy TLD that was launched in 2005. Hundreds of millions of job seekers visit .Jobs websites annually.
  • The .Jobs TLD has become the premiere destination for job-related content online.
  • Every day Google indexes over 20 million pages of .JOBS websites made searchable to job seekers. Over 100 million job seekers start their job search from Google each month.
  • Having a .JOBS website makes your organization part of this employment eco-system on the Internet immediately.  Registering a .JOBS domain name is the first step.

New Premium Names Available!

Available domain names include Acronyms, Keywords, and Dictionary words. 

Example Acronym Names Available:


Example Keyword Names Available:


Example Dictionary Word Names Available:



More Info

  • $114.99 – regular registration
  • $149.00 – regular renewal
  • Some domains may be premium registration and renewal.
  • During checkout, we request your title and website URL. 
  • The .JOBS Registry will review your domain registration to determine whether it meets their requirements. They may contact you for further information. 
  • Please review the .JOBS policies here.

JOBS Restrictions 

The .jobs Top-Level Domain is a sponsored Top-Level Domain.

The .JOBS Registry receives applications from EnCirca immediately. At this stage, the domain name is in “pending” status (i.e. is “pending” approval).

Applications for names representing a “company name”, a brand name or product name are generally approved same business day for use on the Internet. The verification URL provided in during checkout (such as your company home page URL) serves an important purpose in this regard.

All applicants for .jobs domain names must comply with the terms set forth in the .jobs Charter. The following persons may request registration of a second-level domain within the .JOBS TLD:

  • members of SHRM; or
  • persons engaged in human resource management practices that meet any of the following criteria: (i) possess salaried-level human resource management experience; (ii) are certified by the Human Resource Certification Institute; (iii) are supportive of the SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management..

By submitting a request for a .jobs domain, you represent and warrant that you qualify to request registration of a second-level domain within the .jobs Top-Level Domain under the Charter language set forth above. For more information on qualifications/restrictions, please click here.


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How do I buy a .JOBS domain name?

Buying a .JOBS domain is easy! Just type in your desired .JOBS domain name in the search box above to check availability. If your desired .JOBS domain name is available, you can add the .JOBS domain name to your shopping cart and check out.

What registration terms are allowed for .JOBS domains?

You can register your .JOBS domain name with EnCirca for anytime from 1-10 years.

How long does it take to register my .JOBS domain?

Most domain names registered with EnCirca will appear in your account instantly. Some names, such as .COOP and .BANK require a validation period before ownership is complete. Once purchasing your .JOBS domain name, please check your email if additional steps are required.

How do I transfer my .JOBS domain name to EnCirca?

Transferring a domain name to EnCirca ensures your names are run by an ICANN Accredited domain name registrar with the utmost focus on security. To transfer a domain name to EnCirca, simply go Here and follow the steps.

How do I use web hosting for my .JOBS website?

EnCirca has many templates that allow you to quickly start your very own website for personal use or for business. Once you purchase your domain name, you need web hosting. Visit Here to view EnCirca’s web hosting and email hosting options and follow our steps to get started.

How do I use my .JOBS domain name for email?

EnCirca’s web hosting packages also offer email for up to as many mailboxes as you want. Visit Here to view EnCirca’s web hosting and email hosting options and follow our steps to get started.

How do I encrypt my .JOBS domain name?

Domain name encryption can come in many forms. As one of the most secure domain name registrars, EnCirca offers multiple levels of cybersecurity for your domain names. From SSL Certificate encryption, Secure DNS, and Secure Web Hosting to multi-factor authentication and domain name registrar locks, EnCirca has you covered. Visit Here to view our entire selection of cybersecurity tools for you domain name.

JOBS Domain Name Verification Policy

In accordance with ICANN, Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) have a 40 day “Grace period” in which a domain name can be renewed without incurring an additional fee. Its important to note however that your domain will no longer resolve on the day it expires. After the 40 day grace period, there is a 30 day “Redemption Period” in which you can renew your domain name for the full price of the domain name.

Is there a Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for .JOBS domain names?

Please contact EnCirca Support for more details.