DotINSURANCE is a protected, trusted, more secure and easily identifiable space on the Internet for the global insurance communities and the customers it serves. The domain extension has enhanced security requirements that exceed that of most existing and new gTLDs. In addition, the dot-insurance domain opens up much needed real estate on the Internet, providing new marketing and branding opportunities.

Why EnCirca Should be your .INSURANCE Registrar

  1. EnCirca is SOC 2 Certified. This means EnCirca has satisifed the highest standards for data security
  2. Pricing is as low as $800/year for multi-year registrations
  3. All .INSURANCE domains registered with EnCirca include a full year of SecureDNS that complies with registry security requirements and a secure starter page starts building SEO history for your new domain at no extra charge

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Other key .INSURANCE activation services

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Secure DNS Service

Fully compliant with .Insurance security

DMARC Email Authentication

Monitoring and Audit Services

SSL Digital Certificates

.Insurance compliant SSL and TLS

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EnCirca is committed to cyber-security

Other services that may be of interest to the insurance industry include a free trial of Secure DNS and DMARC Email Authentication, Digital certificates, and brand protection services in other top-level-domains.

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  • Additional Policies

    The registration cost for a nonstandard domain name registration may be higher than the standard registration cost.
    Nonstandard registrations include domain names:
    • allocated through RFP
    • allocated through auction
    • with single-characters, or
    • with two-letters