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Leading economic experts say that Asia is the "Market of Tomorrow" and that E-Commerce in the Asia-Pacific region will soon overtake the U.S. in terms of revenue generated through E-Commerce.

The assignment of the domains is according to the first-come first-served principle.

Who is eligible to register .TW Domains?

  • Any businesses and individuals will be able to register .tw domains
  • .com.tw shall be for legally registered companies according to the laws of their countries
  • .org.tw shall be for corporations, non-profit organizations or jurisdictial associations registered
    according to the laws of their countries
  • .idv.tw is for any natural person
  • .game.tw is for people or companies involved in online gaming
  • .ebiz.tw is for online businesses
  • .club.tw is for not for profit groups and organizations

Why register a .TW?

  • Taiwan represents a great opportunity for the international market and business trade

  • Register a .TW Domain and protect your brandname

  • Companies doing business with Taiwan should secure their internet presence in the market of tomorrow

  • .TW is the entry point for companies to establish a presence in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific

  • The .TW Domain is no longer restricted

To view existing registrations, check the TWNIC Registry Whois.