EnCirca Two-Factor Authentication Service

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

2FA, sometimes known as Multi-factor authentication (MFA), requires an additional security step to conduct certain operations. At EnCirca, if your account is enabled for 2FA, it will impact the following operations for all domains in your account:
  • Updating your customer record
  • Changing a domain's Name servers
  • Updating Whois contact data
  • Updating Name servers info

*.BANK and .INSURANCE customers are required to use 2FA

How does it work?

EnCirca uses a third-party software app called AUTHY to implement its 2FA service. This app may be downloaded and installed on nearly any mobile device, including: Android, Apple, Blackberry, OSX, Windows and Linux.

EnCirca will allow you to associate two different cell phone numbers with your EnCirca 2FA settings.
  1. Log in to encirca.com/signin
  2. Add the primary cell number to be used in the "mobile" field in the "Ship-To" record in EnCirca
  3. Optionally, add a second cell number using the "mobile" field in the "Bill-To" record
  4. Install the AUTHY mobile app for the primary cell number
  5. The AUTHY app will display "ENCIRCA" as an authorized system.
    Select the ENCIRCA link and follow instructions to complete the set-up



The annual fee is


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