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.tv is a 'top-level domain', just like .com or .net. Your Web address works the same with a .tv extension as with any other top-level domain name, but the .tv extension can add much more to your site. Since .tv is distinctive and unusual, your Web address will be highly memorable.

If your web site moves, it belongs on .tv.   .tv is the address for rich and dynamic media on the web. It's the preferred destination for video, film, animation, user-generated content and rich media of all kinds.

Everyone's at home on .tv

  • user-generated content
  • interactive gaming
  • portfolios & exhibitions
  • music broadcasting
  • retail & business promotion
  • sports channels, clips & highlights
  • education & training
Room to explore

Customers with established web sites have lots to gain from .tv. A .tv address gives you room to explore, take risks and store rich media content. Augment your main web site with a microsite, film channel, video gallery, portfolio and more with a .tv domain name.