Owner Transfers for Domains Already with EnCirca

  • .travel owner transfer . Updates offical UIN for domain with registry and renews domain for an additional year. .TRAVEL OWNER TRANSFER: $99.00.

  • Owner/Account Transfer. Switch your domain to a new owner or to a new account.
    This is a free service (except for .travel) and completely automated.

    • The Gaining Registrant must provide the Losing Registrant with their Customer Handle to initiate the transfer. This is obtained via the "List Customer" screen.
    • If the Gaining Account does not yet exist, then Create A New Account.
    • The Losing Registrant initiates the Move via the "Account Move" screen in MyAccount.
    • The Gaining Registrant completes the Move via the "Pending Moves" screen in MyAccount.
    • If used for .travel domain names, then the owning UIN listed for the domain does not change. If a UIN change is required, order a .travel owner transfer.

  • Out-Going Registrar Transfer. Switch your domain to a new Registrar. They will charge you for this process.
    BEFORE you initiate a transfer, or if a transfer request has been rejected, please read the following Out-going Transfer Information.

    Note: Do Not Switch registrars if you are merely switching web hosting providers. Instead, change your NameServers to your web host's Nameservers.

  • NameServer Transfer. Update your domain with new nameservers. Use this if you are switching web hosting providers. This is a free service. Instructions for Changing NameServers.