Dot-Com Subdomains

Dot-com (or third-level) subdomains use the .com and .net standard domain name structure to offer additional regional and country-specific domain names. Users often turn to third-level domains when a conventional TLD (such as .com), or a country TLD (such as .uk) has already been claimed by another party, or where domain names are difficult to obtain due to restrictive domain regulations.

For example, MyCompany doing business in China may not be able to acquire the domain name. However, may be available.

4U.COM United States   RU.COM Russia
US.COM United States CN.COM China
QC.COM Quebec JPN.COM Japan
BR.COM Brazil KR.COM Korea
UY.COM Uruguay SA.COM Saudi Arabia
European Union AE.ORG United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom ZA.COM South Africa
United Kingdom SE.COM Sweden
GB.COM Great Britain SE.NET Sweden
GB.NET Great Britain HU.COM Hungary
    DE.COM Germany
    NO.COM Norway