.Tel Registration Services

.Tel provides a new internet standard for you to take full control over how and where people reach you:

  • Have one point of contact for your life: store, update and publish all your contact information, web links and keywords directly on the internet under your own unique .tel domain.

  • The perfect business solution: in addition to including your company's basic contact information on your .tel site, you can create a hierarchical data structure, enabling customers to visit your .TEL address and drill down to find the contact information most pertinent to their needs.

  • No website needed: update and store your information without having to build, host, or maintain a website. And, because the .tel info is directly input into DNS, your information is instantly updated.

  • Accessible from any device: including traditional cell phones, Blackberrys, iPhones, PDAs, computers, and more.

  • Maintain your privacy: you decide what information is public and who has access to your private information.

  • Go global: .tel features high speed global, multi-language, search engine-friendly structured information and keywords optimized for mobile devices

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