Secure Forwarding

EnCirca has created an innovative Secure Forwarding service that will now allow you to forward, or redirect from your domain names securely.
Our Secure Forwarding is a quick and affordable way to activate .BANK and .INSURANCE domain names before a full-scale website migration is achieved.

The benefits of EnCirca's Secure Forwarding service include:

1. Fully compliant with the .BANK and .INSURANCE security requirements to redirect your .BANK or .INSURANCE domain name to your .COM or current website.

2. Starts the process of building search-engine equity for the new .BANK and .INSURANCE domains

3. Companies can start experimenting with using the new .BANK and .INSURANCE addresses in their marketing collateral and campaigns

The annual cost is $200/year. (Note: We will also support domains not managed at EnCirca for $300/year). Start securely forwarding your domain names today!

Sign Up for Secure Forwarding Here