EnCirca Whois Privacy Service

What is our Privacy Service?

  • This is an private email forwarding service. We do not forward postal mail or faxes.
  • The customer remains the legal registrant of record for the domain name

How does it work?

The service works by updating the default whois contacts in the customer's account. The customer can use it on as many domain names they wish that share this contact within the same account.

The changes to the Whois are as follows:

  • The email address is changed using encirca's domain name, privacy-whois.com, such as "privas999999@privacy-whois.com"
  • All email is automatically forwarded to the customer's email address
  • The registrant name is changed to "EnCirca Customer #99999"
  • The postal address is changed to "c/o EnCirca's Privacy Service"

Any restrictions?

.BANK and .INSURANCE customers are prohibited from using privacy/proxy services.



The annual fee is $10/account


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