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EnCirca announces support for over 100 country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs). Any of these domains may be registered for Business or Personal use.

For more details about each country domain supported, see our Country-Code Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that processing of cctld registrations may incur delays due to the degree of automation present at the specific cctld registry.
You will receive a confirmation once your order has been successfully processed.

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All .CN Regionals
.cn .ac.cn .ah.cn .bj.cn .com.cn .cq.cn .fj.cn .gd.cn .gs.cn
.gx.cn .gz.cn .ha.cn .hb.cn .he.cn .hi.cn .hk.cn .hl.cn .hn.cn
.jl.cn .js.cn .jx.cn .ln.cn .mo.cn .net.cn .nm.cn .nx.cn .org.cn
.qh.cn .sc.cn .sd.cn .sh.cn .sn.cn .sx.cn .tj.cn .tw.cn .xj.cn
.xz.cn .yn.cn .zj.cn            

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  All Europe TLDs        
European Union .eu            
Austria .at co.at or.at        
Belgium .be            
France .fr            
Germany .de            
Isle of Man .im            
Italy .it            
Liechtenstein .li            
Luxembourge .lu            
Moldova .md            
Montenegro .me            
Netherlands .nl            
Poland .pl .biz.pl .com.pl . info.pl .net.pl .org.pl .waw.pl
Reunion Island .re            
Romania .ro            
Russian Federation .ru            
Spain .es .com.es .nom.es .org.es      
Sweden .se            
Switzerland .ch            
United Kingdom .uk .co.uk .me.uk .org.uk      

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  All Asian TLDs        
Armenia .am co.am          
British Indian Ocean Territory .io            
Christmas Island .cx            
Cocos (Keeling) Islands .cc            
Federated States of Micronesia .fm            
India .in      .co.in .net.in .org.in .firm.in .gen.in .ind.in
Indonesia .id            
Japan .jp            
Korea .kr            
Lao People's Democratic Republic .la            
Mongolia .mn            
Palau .pw            
Philippines .ph com.ph net.ph org.ph      
Singapore .sg .com.sg          
Taiwan .tw .club.tw .com.tw .ebiz.tw .game.tw .idv.tw .org.tw
Timor-Lester .tl            
Tokelau .tk            

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  All Americas TLDs  
United States .us kids.us    
Belize .bz      
Brazil .com.br      
British Virgin Islands .vg      
Canada .ca      
Columbia .co .com.co .net.co .nom.co
Grenada .gd      
Honduras .hn .com.hn net.hn org.hn
Montserrat .ms      
Mexico .mx .com.mx    
Peru .pe      
Saint Helena .sh      
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands .gs      
Turks and Caicos Islands .tc      

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Africa/Middle East

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  All Africa/Middle East TLDs  
Ascension Island .ac      
Cameroon .cm .co.cm .com.cm .net.cm
Mauritius .mu .com.mu .net.mu .org.mu
Islamic Republic of Pakistan .pk .com.pk .net.pk .org.pk
Seychelles .sc .com.sc .net.sc .org.sc
Turkmenistan .tm      

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  All Oceana TLDs      
Antigua and Barbuda .ag .com.ag .net.ag . org.ag


Haiti .ht .adult.ht .com.ht .info.ht .net.ht .org.ht
Kiribati .ki . com.ki .net.ki .org.ki    
New Zealand .co.nz .net.nz .org.nz      
Niue .nu          
Norfolk Island .nf .com.nf .net.nf      
Saint Lucia .lc .com.lc .net.lc .org.lc    
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines .vc .com.vc .net.vc .org.vc    
Samoa .ws          
Solomon Islands .com.sb .net.sb .org.sb      
Tuvalu .tv           

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