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The Most Important Network in the World

.NET delivers electronic communications for some of the largest email and electronic communications providers in the world and thus, has become the backbone for the global Internet. The .NET registration and resolution service is comparable in magnitude to a national telephone network or postal service.

The Globalization of .NET

As companies and communications go global, people are breaking down borders to conduct business anywhere in the world the Internet reaches, and .NET has come to mean business everywhere. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are now available for .NET.

More Than .COM

Domain names are the foundation for your online presence. A .NET after your company name or business keyword shows the world that you are available 24/7. Many of the largest telecommunications providers and network operators, as well as non-profit organizations and high-profile government agencies have discovered .NET as a valuable complement or alternative to a .com domain name. They depend on the reliability and global recognition of .NET for communication, information dissemination, ecommerce, and fundraising.

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