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November-2009 -- The Internationalization of .name
With over 90% of the world's population speaking a language other than English and more than 50% of Internet users being non-English speakers, .name now supports non-english characters. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) for .name are supported for Second-Level and Third-Level Domain Names and for Standard and Premium Defensive Registrations. Examples of Second-Level and Third-Level Domain Names are:

  • 金.name (punycode: xn--5m4a)
  • 張民.金.name (punycode: xn--z1t39z.xn--5m4a)
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 .Name Registration For Second-Level Names

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 .Name Defensive Registrations for Brand Owners

Now, ANYONE can file a defensive registration for .name. You no longer need to own a registered trademark to protect a string. Owners of Defensive Registrations get to enjoy use of the domain while controlling access by third parties.

The Defensive Registration is accepted ONLY if there is no existing second-level or third-level registrations for the protected string.

Premium: This is one that provides protection against second level domains as well as third level .name registrations.

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Standard: Blocks both levels of a .name domain where a company name has two parts (for example coca.cola.name) or a product name (like ibm.thinkpad.name). Does NOT protect against the new second level registrations.

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