|| How Instant Mobilizer Works 

Instant Mobilizer is an automated tool that takes any existing desktop Web site (e.g. .com) and transforms it into an enhanced mobile site. The process is completely automated, so there is no programming or content management of any kind required. So simply maintain your Web site and Instant Mobilizer will deliver it to your mobile audience.

When somebody accesses your .mobi site Instant Mobilizer retrieves the content from your desktop site, reformats it for optimum mobile performance and automatically adds additional mobile specific features such as "click-to-call" and Google Maps while preserving your company branding, including logo and colors.

Key features & benefits

  • Customers can locate information about your business anywhere, at any time
  • Instant mobile Web presence with no development effort
  • No separate hosting account or code to manage
  • Preserves look and feel of your existing Web site
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Adds additional mobile features
    • Click-to-call: Users of many phones can initiate a call to you simply by clicking the phone number; Instant Mobilizer automatically converts phone numbers to "click-to-call" links for you
    • Google map auto-generation: if an address is on the mobile Web page, a link to a Google map will be added, to allow the user to easily locate the business, at any time, from anywhere Mobile Web in an instant

Mobile Web in an instant

  • Step 1: Check the availability of your desired .mobi domain
  • Step 2: Test the suitability of your exisiting site for use with Instant Mobilizer
  • Step 3: Register the .mobi domain and the name of the site you want mobilized

That's all there is to it. When mobile customers log onto your .mobi site Instant Mobilizer will automatically extract the content from your desktop site and serve it in an enhanced mobile format to their phone.