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The following is a brief synopsis of the complete mobile marketing campaign's e-book, which you can download as a PDF here.

The mobile Web is taking off and the big brands arent the only ones benefiting from the opportunities it offers for mobile marketing. Small businesses from pizza parlors to real estate agencies are using mobile marketing campaigns every day to attract new customers.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns - Your Questions Answered.
This free eBook is a short introduction to the new and exciting world of mobile marketing from the creators of dotMobi. It answers all your questions about mobile marketing campaigns, including:

What is a Mobile Marketing Campaign?
The mobile Web is like the normal "desktop" Web but accessed from a mobile phone, using your phone's Web browser. Throughout this guide, we'll introduce you to the basics of promoting your business using mobile marketing campaigns.

How do people use the mobile Web for Mobile Marketing Campaigns?
The mobile Web is really good at two things: entertainment and utility. One of the best ways to reach customers via a mobile marketing campaign is to make it easy for them to find you on the go. Start by getting your address, phone number and opening times up on the mobile Web.

Why should I use a mobile marketing campaign to promote my business?
For an increasing number of small businesses, the answer is: because it's a low-cost way to help people find you and your products. The mobile Web is growing fast and so are the possibilities for mobile marketing campaigns.

How can my business can start a mobile marketing campaign today?
All you have to do is put your current desktop Web site through dotMobi's Instant Mobilizer. Just enter your Web address (your URL) and Instant Mobilizer does the rest.

For the complete low-down on mobile marketing campaigns, download the free E-book here.