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Universe.Jobs launched by DirectEmployers.org. Register your companyname.jobs to be part of this new initiative.

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You are just a few steps away from distributing your company's job openings across thousands of employment sites in what is being called a game-changer for the employment advertising industry.

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Jobs is a new way to publish your job listings and reach the target employees with your companyname.jobs.

With a .jobs domain name, all of your job listings will be automatically indexed and published in the Universe.jobs platform. A .jobs domain will also give your listings extra ranking preference in Universe.jobs search results.

For most companies, verification can be satisfied via a review of their website and matching email address. The most common type of registration will be in the form of companyname.jobs, but users may register any domain as long as it contains their company name or common abbreviation.

For example, Hewlett-Packard Inc. could register not only Hewlett-Packard.jobs and HP.jobs, but also HP-us.jobs, HP-uk.jobs, HP-China.jobs based on hiring locations as well as HP-finance.jobs, HP-Engineering.jobs and HP-marketing.jobs for their jobs listings.

As an employer organization you may also acquire distinct .jobs domain names for your recruitment campaigns, including your company's trademarks, marketing slogans and names of operating divisions and subsidiaries. Please note that use of .jobs domains to post third-party job listings or domains that refer solely to occupations or geographic regions are still prohibited.

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Maximum: 8 domains

Once your .jobs domain is approved, review our tips on search engine optimizing your new .jobs domain name.

What People Are Saying About Universe.jobs
"...the key advantage of the "dotjobs" sites is employers can directly post all of their openings for free, on one universal network of sites, and can ensure those positions have not yet been filled."
From The Seattle Times, New '.jobs' network may doom for-profits

"...an application of technology that delivers a public service instead of protecting profits for corporate interests."
From Consumer Affairs, New Jobs Sites May Make It Easier to Find a Job

"...A new online job network is on the scene, with the kind of webwide reach that has older job recruiting sites in a tizzy."
From The Huffington Post, New .Jobs Web Sites Elbow In On Job Advertising Industry

"...this has the potential to be a game-changer."
From The Washington Post, New Web sites shake up job-listings industry

Survey says .jobs boosts effectiveness of online job recruiting
A survey released by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), found that organizations with a .jobs domain, compared to companies without such domains, often reported better outcomes with e-recruiting.

Respondents from high-tech organizations and large-staff-sized organizations were more likely to have a .jobs domain, suggesting that these types of organizations may be at the forefront of embracing new technologies.

According to a SHRM spokesperson, "Overall, the survey results demonstrate that organizations with a .jobs domain have more effective recruiting practices across a range of areas".

About SHRM
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world's largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 210,000 individual members, the Society's mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most essential and comprehensive resources available. As an influential voice, the Society's mission is also to advance the human resource profession to ensure that HR is recognized as an essential partner in developing and executing organizational strategy. Founded in 1948, SHRM currently has more than 550 affiliated chapters and members in more than 100 countries. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the Sponsor behind the .jobs registry.