DNS Management Service
DNS Management

You will love EnCirca's Control Panel for do-it-yourself DNS Management service. You may add domains, email addresses and make updates as often as you wish at no extra charge.

Check out all of these features:

  • Web-based control panel for 7x24 do-it-yourself maintenance
  • Parking page
  • Web forwarding - plain or masked
  • Email Forwarding for unlimited number of email addresses
  • Catch-all email forwarding
  • "A" records
  • "MX" records
  • "CNAME" records
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Advanced DNS Control

    Access DNS Management or Manage My Domains

    Please Note! Nameservers must be set to dns1.encirca.net and dns2.encirca.net

Secure DNS for .BANK

To access the SecureDNS portal for .bank domains, go to:

SecureDNS portal

You will need the multi-factor authentication code from the 'authy' app (https://www.authy.com) on your smartphone to get access.

There are various restrictions and requirements you should know about regarding DNS and .bank domain names:

- DNSSEC must be deployed at each zone and subsequent sub-zones for domains that resolve in the DNS.
- Nameserver host names must be in the parent zone.
- Registrants must publish a valid Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) record with a requested mail receiver policy of either quarantine or reject for domains that resolve in the DNS. For domains intended to send email, Registrants must publish at least one of the following email authentication DNS Resource Records:

* Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
* Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)

When used to protect non-email sending domains, Registrants are required to publish a DMARC reject requested mail receiver policy.