The first-come, first-serve registrations of .cm open registrations is now OPEN .

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.cm is the country-code top-level domain for the country of Cameroon. More importantly, it is just one keystroke away the world's largest country-code domain, China's .cn. as well as the world's largest generic top-level domain, .com.


.cm Open Registration

First-come, first-served: second-level .cm domains, such as On September 18, 4:00am EST, open registrations start. At this point .cm domains can be registered on a first come first served basis with a minimum registration period of one year.

Pricing for open registrations will be $110/year.

Submit your .cm second-level applications


.cm third-level domains (,,

You can also register third-level domains, such as,, etc. for $49/year for a 2-year term. Submit your .cm third-level applications


.cm Sunrise -  Sunrise applications are no longer being processed

The .cm sunrise period began on 15th June 2009, 9:00 UTC and ended 14th July 2009, 23:59:59. Applicants for the sunrise period had to hold a valid & issued trademark at the time of application. Minimum registration during sunrise period was 2 years. Pricing for sunrise applications was $250/year for a 2-year term. There was a $89 non-refundable fee.


.cm Landrush - Landrush has been reopened.

  • Re-Opening of Landrush: August 10, 2009 at 00:00:01 UTC.
  • Closing of Landrush: August 23, 2009 at 23:59:59 UTC.

There are no special requirements for the landrush period. In case there is more than one application per domain, the domain will go into an auction system. The auctions will be held shortly after the end of the landrush period. Minimum registration during landrush period is 2 years. Due to registry restrictions, you will not be able to freely change the name servers until early 2010 as determined by the registry. Until that time, all name server updates will be charged a processing fee, and will only be available via special request.

Pricing for landrush applications is $180/year for a 2-year term plus the auction fee.

To get a .CM, simply pre-order now. If there are more than one interested parties an auction will be ran at NameJet.

Here's how it works:

  • Pre-order your .CM domains through EnCirca by July 31st, 2009 0:00:01 UTC. A charge of $360 per domain will be made at this time (includes a 2 year registration fee).
  • Participate in a three day auction at NameJet once contacted via email. Auctions will start Tuesday, August 4th, 2009.
  • If you win the domain, you pay the auction amount through NameJet. This does NOT include the registration fee previously charged by EnCirca.
  • If you do NOT win the domain, your $360 per domain pre-order fee will be credited to your credit card.
How will I be notified of an auction?

NameJet will notify you via an email when your pre-ordered domain is starting in an auction. They will also notify you if you win a domain. Remember, you must win it in an auction or be the only bidder to take possession.

.CM landrush is closed