.cat Registration Services

The .cat TLD (Top Level Domain) is established to serve the needs of the Catalan Linguistic and Cultural Community on the Internet.

  .cat Defensive Registrations accepted starting February 13, 2006

To submit your .cat Defensive Registration, apply here

.cat Timeline

  • Defensive Registrations: February 13-April 21
  • Sunrise Registrations: February 13- April 21
  • Open Registrations: April 23

Defensive Registrations
Registered trademark owners may apply for a Defensive Registration even if they do not meet eligibility requirements for .cat.

Through a Defensive Registration, you can ensure that no one can register your name or that of your trademark. These domains will not resolve. To apply for a Defensive Registration, you will need to prove a priority right to the desired domain (i.e. a registered trademark).

To submit your .cat Defensive Registration, apply here

Open Registration Period
Once the Sunrise period has ended, the open process will begin during which anyone who can demonstrate their relationship to the Catalan cultural and linguistic community on the Internet can register a .cat domain. Open registration will take place from April 23 onwards. EnCirca does not support open registrations.

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To view existing registrations, check the .cat Registry Whois.