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The mission of the DotAsia Organisation is:

  • To sponsor, establish and operate a regional Internet namespace with global recognition and regional significance, dedicated to the needs of the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet community.
  • To reinvest surpluses in socio-technological advancement initiatives relevant to the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet community; and
  • To operate a viable not-for-profit initiative that is a technically advanced, world-class TLD registry for the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community.

Need for an Asia-specific regional domain

Currently, Internet users in the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific region only have the option of utilising a generic TLD (gTLD) whose registrants are dominated by US and European individuals and businesses, or country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) that are intended for local use. According to VeriSign Global Registry Services , only 11% of .com and .net (the two largest gTLDs) registrants came from Asia . However, Global Reach estimates that over 64% of the Internet's population are non-English speakers and that Asian languages alone make up 33% of the online population. While current gTLDs tend to focus on a vertical group (e.g. commercial entities, network providers, organisations , etc.) within the global Internet, ".Asia" will embrace a horizontal perspective with a clear brand to reach and enrich the broad global community. Unlike ccTLDs, which provide for a local audience,".Asia" will allow the user to express membership in the larger Asian community.

Organisational Structure

The DotAsia Organisation is a membership-based not-for-profit corporation made up of different membership bodies from ICANN's Asia / Australia / Pacific Region, including: Sponsor Members (organisations that operate ccTLD registries in the region) and Co-Sponsor Members (Internet, Information Technology, Telecommunications, non-profit, NGO or other relevant community organisations in the region). These members will make up DotAsia Organisation's 11-person Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be advised on policy matters by an Advisory Council populated by one representative from each Co-Sponsor Members. In addition, a Proceeds Steering Committee (PROSCOM) will be created and appointed by the Board to oversee the allocation of surplus proceeds from registry operations.

Representation of the Community

The DotAsia Organisation is largely a ccTLD driven initiative. As a membership-based organisation, the direct and close involvement of many ccTLDs ensures a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the operational and policy management of a TLD registry in the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, representation in governance from successful Asia Pacific Internet and Information Technology groups provides broad representation and relevance from the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community.

Note: EnCirca will provide a free CED Asian contact for all customers.
In order to be eligible for a .ASIA domain, at least one of the Domain contacts associated with the Domain Name must be an existing and current legal entity in the DotAsia Community - which includes more than 70 countries. EnCirca will provide a Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED) Asian contact on all applications at no extra charge.


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DotAsia Policy Documents

The following documents contain more details about the policies for each phase: