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Handshake Second-Level Domains

EnCirca helps you register second-level domains (like encirca.c or domains.js) that reside on the blockchain.

Handshake is an experimental, decentralized, naming and registration system that resides on the blockchain. Since it doesn't use traditional DNS, Handshake is an alternative to centrally managed domain names, like .com.

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Handshake Use Warnings

Please read to find out about Handshake domain limitations.

Absolutely no refunds on domain registrations or renewals.

Handshake domains are experimental and do not work like normal domain names. They are difficult to use for website and email hosting and do not have the same protections for longevity and abuse compared to normal domain names.

These names require special browser plugins or network configurations to resolve.

You may not be able to renew your names upon expiration and there's a chance that your domain could cease functioning prior to expiration.

Because of the explosion of Web3 domains and registries, there is a risk of collision with names on other blockchains, other naming technologies, and with ICANN regulated domains.

There are no guarantees that the names you purchase now are unique or that they will not collide now or in the future.

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Handshake Domain FAQ

  • How do I buy a Handshake domain name?Buying a domain is easy! Just type in your desired Handshake domain name in the search box above to check availability. If your desired domain name is available, you can add the Handshake domain name to your shopping cart and check out.
  • How can I see my Handshake domain name?Handshake domains do not resolve on regular DNS sites. For example, in order to see encirca.txt, you must add it with a trailing slash and a DNS resolver.
  • How can I access my Handshake domain names since they don’t resolve on traditional DNS?

    There are many internet browsers that support Handshake domains such as Opera and various Chrome plugins.

    Please visit our Handshake helpdesk article for more options on how to view your Handshake domains

    NextDNS is one of the most popular methods for accessing Handshake domain names. Install NextDNS. You can click “try it now” on to connect your device and resolve Handshake domains. Scroll to the Setup Guide at NextDNS to select the option for your device, confirm with the green button at the top of the page, and then go to the “settings” tab to “resolve Handshake domains.”

    Install the Resolvr add-on to view Handshake names directly in the search bar of your Firefox browser.

    Try searching your site with the gateway, which allows you to access Handshake names without downloading software or modifying your DNS settings. You may also conduct searches directly by prefixing Handshake domains with “,” such as “”

  • How long does it take to register my Handshake domain?You can register your Handshake domain name with EnCirca for anytime from 1-10 years. Most domain names registered with EnCirca will appear in your account instantly. If there is an issue, our support team will email you.
  • How do I use web hosting for my Handshake domain website?EnCirca has many templates that allow you to quickly start your very own website for personal use or for business. Once you purchase your domain name, you need web hosting. Visit our hosting page to view EnCirca’s web hosting options and follow our steps to get started. Please be aware that some handshake domains (such as ones containing emojis or beginning numbers) may not resolve even with our DNS.
  • How do I use my Handshake domain name for email?Unfortunately, Handshake domains can’t use traditional email.

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