.GAY Sunrise 2 Registration

Until September 4, 2020

Additional Sunrise II Policies – Limited Registration Period for non-TMCH Brands

In order to allow for and facilitate the registration of trade names, and trade and service marks which are not validated by the ICANN TMCH, the Registry will allow such rights holders to apply during this phase without an SMD file. Instead marks and trade names will be validated based upon the submission of evidence of ownership of a mark registered with one of the following recognized national and international trademark registries:

  • WIPO

Trademarks registered in other recognized national and international trademark registries will be reviewed for validation on a case by case basis and may or may not be approved for registration. The Registry requires the trademark certificate to be sent to CentralNic where it will be reviewed by its validation agents.

All applications for registration of domain names during the Sunrise II phase must be identical or confusingly similar to the registered mark as determined by Registry in its sole discretion considering the following:
1) Visual similarity to the registered mark;
2) Similarity of semantic meaning with the registered mark;
3) Acronym or abbreviation of the registered mark;
4) Strength of the registered mark;
5) The existence of any competing mark.


More Info

  • You will be required to upload trademark documents during checkout
  • The .gay Registry will verify your claim
  • If the registration is not approved, EnCirca will refund your application fee
  • Some domains are premium.
  • Sunrise II  is a first-come, first-serve period
  • Regular Renewal is $3,000 per year


Sunrise II registrations come with added benefits, including:

  • an IDN variant bundle of 10 blocks

  • registry lock.