It’s not just a domain… it’s OUR domain.

For LGBTQ individuals, organizations, businesses and their allies, .gay serves as a virtual Pride flag and inclusive badge of honor. A .gay domain helps everyone, whether small business, global organization or individual ally, express their support and celebration of LGBTQ communities.


.GAY Launch Phases

Sunrise II

Until Sept 4, 2020
  • Limited Registration Period for non-TMCH Brands
  • Evidence of ownership of a mark registered with a recognized national and international trademark registry is required
  • Some domains are premium.
  • Sunrise is a first-come, first-serve period


Until Aug 31, 2020
  • Pre-registration does not guarantee that you will receive the domain you order.
  • Some domain names are premium priced.
  • EnCirca will submit these registrations as soon as General Availability opens
  • If you do not receive the domain, we will refund the registration cost.

Early Access

Sept 8-15, 2020
  • Price depends on day of registration
  • Some domain names are premium priced
  • First come, first serve registration


Sept 16, 2020
  • Some domain names are premium priced
  • First come, first serve registration

The .GAY Difference

.gay proudly signals support of LGBTQ people, causes, and businesses. It represents a historic step forward, increases visibility, and its launch results in more LGBTQ-friendly space.

Not only does .gay donate 20% of every new domain registered to LGBTQ organizations, it also creates safer spaces online. Our “.gay Rights Protection” policy means that we will accept reports of any content that is harmful or harassing of LGBTQ people and be able to act against them by working to remove the content or suspending the site itself. It also means that hate groups are banned from using .gay. We know we won’t be able to single-handedly turn the internet into a hate-free zone but we refuse to accept the status quo.