The first truly decentralized domains
that never expire.  No renewal fees! 

Note: due to wildly fluctuating gas prices, we may not process your domain until prices come down.
This may mean a 24-48 hour hold on your domain registration.


The registry for .forever names is deployed on Ethereum and unowned by anyone, so it is completely decentralized. Each .forever domain is an NFT because it’s issued as an ERC-721 token.

Why this is better than other solutions

There are already decentralized second-level domains on the internet. Ethereum Name Service allows users to register second-level domains under the .eth TLD. Other services like Unstoppable Domains (.crypto) and Namecoin (.bit) are similar in theory. But there are no integrations for traditional DNS records on .eth and .crypto, so you can’t view them in a browser or with https. The best you can do is redirect the name to a traditional domain or to a static IPFS page. The .eth, .crypto and .bit TLDs are also orphaned  —  they are not anchored in any root zone.

We made the decision to anchor .forever in the decentralized root zone Handshake, which is built on a proof of work blockchain (a fork of Bitcoin). An advantage of Handshake is that it removes the need to trust Certificate Authorities (CAs). Currently, when you visit an https website, you have to trust the CA that issued the certificate. With Handshake, you can set up DANE, so that internet traffic to the domain can be encrypted using only DNS. We have added support for https on .forever and you can use this easy 2-step process to generate an SSL certificate and TLSA record to set this up for your .forever domain.

More Info

  • Some domains may be premium or reserved
  • Please be aware that .forever uses the Handshake alternative root zone.
  • .forever requires browser plug-ins to resolve in your web browser.
  • Custodial Fee: $100 per year after first year (optional)