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The Blockchain Domain To Put Your Destination on The Internet

  • Towns & Cities – Put your town or city on the internet with a domain name that drives awareness with a compelling call to action encouraging visitors to learn more about your location.
  • Tourism Destinations – People looking for a holiday destination use the internet to research tourism destinations. Encourage tourists to learn more about your tourism hotspot with an .ExploreNow domain for your tourism page.
  • Art Galleries and Museums – Bring your art and history to the internet with an explorenow domain that encourages visitors online to visit and learn more about your exhibits on display.
  • Educational Institutions – Get your educational brand in front of prospective students with an .ExploreNow domain for your website that compels students to visit your website and learn about the features of your educational institution.
  • VR Tours & Virtual Worlds – VR Tours are now a part of marketing for destinations as virtual worlds are a part of online entertainment. Drive more visitors to explore your vr experience or virtual world by choosing the right domain name for your business.

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  • Regular Registration: $20.00
  • Regular Renewal: $40.00
  • Some domains may be premium or reserved
  • Please be aware that this is an experimental domain registration process.
  • These domains don’t resolve to regular DNS and won’t show up on the regular web without a plugin. Click here to see how to use NextDNS to access your names.

Handshake is an experimental peer-to-peer root DNS

Handshake is a proof-of-work protocol like Bitcoin, except unlike Bitcoin where you only use the coins as money, Handshake coins (HNS) are also used to register names on the Handshake blockchain. Handshake names are top-level domain names (.com, .net, .org) but unlike traditional domain names that you can only rent, you truly own your Handshake names forever, which no one can take from you nor prevent others from accessing. And rather than being limited to renting from a small number of extensions like .com and .org, you can own and use almost any extension you can think of, including ones with Chinese characters, Russian characters, and even emojis!

These domains don’t resolve to regular DNS and won’t show up on the regular web without a plugin.

For more about Handshake, start here.